Counterdrug Schools

National Guard Counterdrug schools are specialized training programs designed to support the National Guard's efforts in combating drug trafficking and substance abuse within the United States. These schools provide education and training to National Guard members, law enforcement agencies, and community organizations involved in counterdrug operations.

There are five (5) Counterdrug schools located in Florida, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Iowa and Washington. These schools continually adapt to specific requests for training from law enforcement agencies in their geographical region; training is tailored to threats officer encounter in their current and updated environment. In fiscal year 2022 over 68,000 students were trained.

The primary objectives of National Guard Counterdrug schools include:

Overall, National Guard Counterdrug schools play a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of National Guard members and supporting law enforcement agencies and communities in their efforts to combat drug trafficking and substance abuse.

Western Regional Counterdrug Training Center (Washington)

Midwest Counterdrug Training Center (Iowa)

Regional Counterdrug Training Academy (Mississippi)

Northeast Countedrug Training Center (Pennsylvania)

Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training (Florida)