Analyst Support

Analyst Support is a critical component of military service, where qualified personnel serve as analysts, adhering to federal, state, and local laws governing criminal evidence and the information handling policies and procedures of the supported agency. The role of these analysts is to ensure compliance with applicable privacy laws and safeguard the rights of U.S. persons. It's important to note that law enforcement criminal information is not processed or stored on Department of Defense (DoD) systems.

The core competencies of analyst support encompass various areas, including document and digital media exploitation analysis, link analysis, and financial analysis. Analysts are authorized to process, categorize, and evaluate criminal information within the immediate scope of the supported law enforcement investigation, specifically in support of law enforcement counterdrug (CD) activities. Their support includes the development of various analytical products, such as graphs, charts, maps, and communications analysis of subjects under ongoing CD investigations.

Overall, a National Guard Counterdrug analyst plays a critical role in gathering and analyzing data to support law enforcement agencies in their fight against drug trafficking and abuse. Their work helps identify and target individuals and organizations involved in drug-related crimes, ultimately contributing to the reduction of drug-related harm in communities.

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